Our Mission

that specializes in connecting community through storytelling- and helping a curated selection of businesses and nonprofits do the same.


We are a grassroots communications team,

Authenticity- We answer to a genuine call to make brands better and voices bolder. We want our clients to be themselves and to share that with the world.

Walkin’ the Ridge- We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry while throwing out the rule book and sticking it to the “one size fits all” side of it.

Creativity- The essence of expression. We believe that imagination is the key to untapped possibility.

Elevation- Raising our partners up, our goal is to reach a view above the clouds, to keep pushing past the conventional standard.

Community- Through our time in remarkable Central Washington, we know that there is strength in coming together. We exist on the foundation of trust and relationships. 

Exploration- In a world that is fixated on a destination, or end, we pause to soak up the now, to encourage curiosity and wonder, to seek and keep on for more. As they say, it’s all about the journey. 

Meet The Team

The boots that we wear,


Madison Ford

Storytelling Strategist

Madison oversees and advises the overall business model of Manastash Media, connecting businesses to each other, and ensuring that our long term growth remains value-centered.

Team (6).png

Emily Masseth

Social Media Genius

Emily is a community-centered content wiz that specializes in social media management for small businesses in Kittitas County.


Natalie Benson

Content Specialist

Natalie works with the more comprehensive campaigns in our portfolio, serving as a lead client contact and project manager.

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Sara Roach

Pixel Pro

Sara works with an array Manastash Media’s clients, from one time graphic design projects, to long term brand development strategy.

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Sophie Wagner

Visual Creative

Sophie specializes in videography and photography for a wide variety of clients – from small businesses to large events.


Myles Basterrechea

Camera King

Myles pairs his expertise with creativity including flying drones, using 360° cameras, and filming music videos in his hometown of Roslyn, WA.


Kenia Reynosa

Trusty Intern

Kenia's positive attitude and ability to connect with people come in handy when creating content and client relationships. She has experience working with small businesses and nonprofits.


Kassandra Eller

Account Manager

Kassandra’s creative mind helps her produce engaging ideas for a broad range of clients. She has experience in photography and working for non-profits.