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Manastash Media Gives Wheel Line Cider Some Edge.


Wheel Line Cider is a sustainable family-owned farm located in Badger Pocket, on the outskirts of Ellensburg Washington, that uses a grassroots approach and technology to make craft cider.

WLC partnered with Manastash Media to help expand their offerings, keep their fans in the know about events and announcements, and to invite new audiences to experience the way that craft cider connects people.


As the businesses first professional marketing team, Manastash Media conducted an assessment of Wheel Line Cider’s needs and identified several tactics for meeting their overall goals, through a comprehensive multi-media marketing campaign.

Wheel Line Cider’s website was reworked to reflect their approachable, friendly, and passionate brand, while prioritizing a clear user experience and navigation to become more accessible to their users. Manastash Media included professional images of the products, property, and team members to pair with expressive narratives. Manastash Media also helped provide an impactful blog presence on the Wheel Line Cider website posting consistently once per month, with a brief reflection of some of the business’ key concepts and values, aspects of orchard life, information about pomace products, staff interviews, sustainability campaigns, and product highlights that are promoted through an email newsletter and on social media.

Manastash Media created an organic social media plan to post up to 5 times per week on several platforms, featuring high quality images and captions that nodded to farming, information about the cider industry, and the local community. Our team implemented social media advertisements to ensure new exposure to fresh audiences, driving website traffic to increase interest in monthly goals.


Wheel Line Cider sought a way to strategically market the launch of their new offerings, a line of products made of the pomace bi-product of cider-making a play-on-words of the words “appeal” and a fruit’s “peel.” Manastash Media helped produce a new brand from scratch for all Appeel Products, including BBQ Rub, Brine, Skincare, Granola, Masala, Mulling Spices, and Tea. Branding elements included new logos for each product featuring fonts from their main logo, as well as custom-packaging for every product line.


During Wheel Line Cider’s first quarter of launching their professional marketing campaign, we have seen undeniable growth for their business by tracking key metrics.

  • Website traffic increased by over double

  • Facebook page reach increased by over 16,000%

  • Facebook page visits increased by over 90%

  • Instagram page reach increased by over 7,000%

  • Engagements increased by over 33,000%

  • Social media advertising CTR at 11.16%, compared to the industry average of 1.20%

  • An increase in tasting room traffic and event attendance, allowing to host more events on site.

Wheel Line Cider came to Manastash Media with an outdated website and a vision for developing consistent marketing strategies. By partnering together, Manastash Media has been able to develop an inviting, branded digital homebase that puts Wheel Line Cider on the map.

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